FR3 improved version

  • Entry level size of FR Bhisma Series.
  • Table top version. Small and compact yet powerful .
  • Adjustable electronic drum speeds controller.
  • Adjustable electronic airflow controller.
  • Adjustable  heat loss/pressure loss on purpose backdoor.
  • Hybrid heat transfers ( IR radiation, hot air convection and surface conduction).
  • Ability to controlled each heat transfer independently on fly during roasting.
  • Multi stages logic modulating burner.
  •  On board PID for precise temperature control.
  • High emisivity composite cast iron drum and front plate.
  • Strong and massive structures .
  • Double wall burner chamber.
  • Double wall back insulation.
  • Quad wall side insulations.
  • Heavy duty industrial grade motor and gear box.
  • World class electrical hardware.
  • Electronic  ignition.
  • Auto burner controller with flame sensor for efficient and fail safe operation.




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